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Carol’s Daughter Remixes Wash Day With New, Breakthrough Products

The Brand’s Latest Innovations Transform Wash Day to Make it a Bit More Delightful!

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Carol’s Daughter, first brought you the revolutionary Water-To-Foam shampoo last year and is now putting a spin on wash day with three NEW additions to the Wash Day Delight line. To complement the original Water-To-Foam shampoo, Carol’s Daughter released yet another first of its kind formula: the Wash Day Delight Jelly-To-Cream Conditioner.  Like the shampoo, the conditioner is also blended with Aloe + Glycerin, for 5x more moisture and 10x easier detangling. Plus, now you can experience the Water-To-Foam Shampoo and Jelly-To-Cream Conditioner with the original Aloe or with Rose Water. These transformative formulas cut down time on wash day so it really is love at first wash!

Since its introduction, the Wash Day Delight Water-To-Foam Shampoo has changed the game and quickly became a cult favorite with dedicated fans looking for more ways to love their wash day. Never one to hold back, Carol’s Daughter has delivered the Wash Day Delight Jelly-To-Cream Conditioner with Aloe for instant moisture and tangle melting technology AND the full regimen with Rose Water for petal-soft hydration, hair blooming with shine and gentle scalp care.

“This time in quarantine has taught us a few things, like how important it is to REALLY care for our hair in between salon visits and also, how valuable time is,” explains Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price.  “For African-American women, when it comes to our hair, less tangles, and more moisture, shine and softness are a must.  Not only do these products provide that, but they truly cut down on time during wash day so you can get back to the things that truly matter. Trust me, one wash changes everything!”

Wash Day Delight Jelly-To-Cream Conditioner with Aloe + Glycerin
The jelly-to-cream formula, infused with Aloe and Glycerin transforms into a nourishing cream to envelop the hair from roots to ends, deeply condition with intense moisture and melt away tangles instantly. It easily spreads through hair, providing perfect slip so curls glide past each other, minimizing tangles, and untying knots, so you can detangle in less time. (20 fl oz)

Wash Day Delight Water-To-Foam Shampoo + Wash Day Delight Jelly-To-Cream Conditioner with Rose WaterThe revolutionary Water-To-Foam Shampoo and Jelly-To-Cream Conditioner are now also available with Rose Water for a delicate cleanse and weightless hydration. Just like the original that started it all, the shampoo’s targeted applicator helps the liquid formula instantly flow through hair providing easy scalp access. It quickly rinses clean and the rose water adds a layer of hydration for happy, clean hair. (16.9 fl oz/20 fl oz)

The Wash Day Delight line is made with everything your hair will love—it’s vegan and contains no parabens or artificial colors. The new innovations are available at and retailers nationwide starting at $10.99.

Stay tuned for even more exciting news from Carol’s Daughter coming in 2021.

*We consider an ingredient to be naturally derived if it is unchanged from its natural state or has undergone processing yet still remains greater than 50 percent of its molecular structure from its original natural source.

In 1993, encouraged by my mother, Carol, I began creating high-quality products made with love in my Brooklyn kitchen. As family and friends experienced how these products transformed their hair and skin, I knew that I was onto something good. I needed a name for my company, so I made a list of everything I was and everything I wanted to be, and I realized that the most special thing that I am is Lisa, Carol’s Daughter.
-Lisa Price, Carol’s Daughter Founder

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