Avoid Family Emergency Scams

Avoid Family Emergency Scams

How to Spot a Family Emergency Scam

Scammers have gotten very clever, contacting you by email or phone, posing as a friend or a loved one in distress. These emergencies may include needing money for bail, paying a hospital bill, or help to return from a foreign country. If someone calls or sends a message claiming to be a family member or a friend desperate for money:

  • Verify the person’s identity by asking questions that a stranger couldn’t possibly answer.
  • Check the story out with someone else in your family or circle of friends, even if you’ve been told to keep it a secret.
  • Don’t wire money — or send a check or money order by overnight delivery or courier.
  • Report any possible fraud or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP.

Keep Calm and Protect Yourself

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