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DJ K. Lee’s Mix Master Alexa Skill is Attacking the $30B Music Playlist Market

Amazon’s Alexa is Now A Professional DJ

DALLAS, Dec. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — According to VNM USA insights, while smart speakers are most used to listen to music, the capabilities to integrate intelligent music discovery into these devices are vastly underutilized.

  • Voicebot.ai found that streaming music is the most used smart speaker skill at about 40% of users using it daily – ahead of checking the weather (34%) and asking questions (30%)

The smart speaker is the most communal device we have for listening to music. For decades, DJs have been the fixture of creating better listening experiences. And yet, there aren’t any DJs on Alexa Devices or Google Homes. Let alone an AI-powered DJ that crafts a musical soundscape to your interests.

That is, until now.

QuHarrison Terry, in partnership with DJ K. Lee, is launching Mix Master, which is the first AI-powered DJ on the Alexa Skills Store.

“AI has been influencing music greatly for the last few years. Music recommendation algorithms dominate the new music discovery and playlist-building market. Generative music apps such as Mubert have greatly emerged in the last few years. But where AI is still missing is in the actual mixing and DJing of music.” – QuHarrison Terry, Co-Founder of Trends Exchange

Mix Master’s AI-powered DJ curates an infinite soundscape based on your mood and interests while simultaneously mixing the music to create the best listening experience just as a traditional DJ would.

The process is quite simple. Enable the Mix Master Skill in the Alexa Skill Store. Open it by saying “Alexa, Open Mix Master”. Then you tell Alexa which mixes to skip, and it’ll learn from your preferences to create the perfect mix for you.

“Everyone has their favorite music playlist. There are 4 billion playlists on Spotify and 16% of all Spotify streams are on AI-recommended playlists. But they’re all missing one thing: a DJ’s touch. Playlists lack flow between songs. The experience is crude. Spotify and Apple Music might smooth the transitions between songs, but that’s not DJing. DJing is about matching the beat rates of songs. It’s about mixing moods and emotions to create the best experience. That’s why I was so eager to launch this first-of-its-kind Alexa experience we’re calling Mix Master.” – DJ K. Lee

Mix Master is now available for you to enable on the Alexa Skill Store. Get access to the Mix Master Skill here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08HH8CLQT

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